Why Choose PCR Cosmetic Sharpeners?

Environmental Impact: PCR is more than just a material; it’s a conscious choice for a greener future. Here’s why PCR is good for the environment: 

1. Resource Conservation:

PCR materials are derived from household or commercial waste, predominantly packaging materials. By choosing PCR cosmetic sharpeners, you’re actively participating in resource conservation. This means fewer CO2 emissions during oil production, reducing our carbon footprint.

2. Waste Reduction:

PCR breathes new life into discarded plastics, preventing them from ending up in landfills, oceans, or waste incinerators. This process significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to traditional disposal methods.

3. Marine Life Protection:

Plastic waste discarded into nature, especially the ocean, breaks down into harmful microplastics that enter the food chain. By opting for PCR products, you help mitigate this issue, as recycled plastics remain part of the circular economy.

KUM 6020 PCR

High Quality cosmetic pencil sharpener for 8 & 12 mm pencils.

Forms a round tip with KUM® Double Blade System.
Equipped with Cleaning Stick.

Ø 8 & 12 mm
Different Adapters:
Ø 6 – 7 mm
Ø 9 – 10,5 mm

PCR Sharpeners – Beauty with Responsibility:

Our PCR cosmetic sharpeners are not just tools; they represent a commitment to responsible beauty practices. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Precision Sharpening: Precise cosmetic pencil sharpeners without compromising environmental friendliness. Our sharpeners deliver KUM’s world-renowned impeccable performance.
  • Durable Design: We understand that your beauty tools need to last. Our PCR sharpeners are designed for longevity, ensuring you get the most out for your brand.
  • Easy to Clean: The included cleaning stick makes our sharpeners very easy to clean.

Join Us in the Beauty Revolution

Make a sustainable choice with your brand and KUM PCR cosmetic sharpeners. Beauty should never come at the expense of our planet. 

The KUM 6005 and 6020 PCR sharpeners are Made in Germany! 


highly individual

Producing sharpeners is our core competence for over 100 years. We guarantee the highest precision and quality your pencil requires. Due to our long experience, we have a broad product range to fullfill all requirements. 

Contact our sales team for your individual private label cosmetic pencil sharpener!


Why KUM Cosmetic Sharpeners?

Dynamic Torsion Action

All of our sharpeners are equipped with a KUM® Dynamic Torsion Action® blade. Under constant tension the blade adjusts dynamically to the different forces bearing on the pencil while sharpening. These forces arise from the various materials in the pencil casing and the lead as today’s pencils can be made from a very wide variety of woods, plastics and cosmetics formulas. The dynamic action of the KUM® blade is due in part to its shape, a slight positive curve. If a straight blade were to be mounted onto the sharpener body, it would bend to a slight negative curve under the sharpening forces. This would not allow a satisfying cut.

Double Blade System

In the world of cosmetic pencils, achieving the perfect point is paramount. That’s why KUM® has spent years for developing the Double-Blade System® for our series 6000 sharpeners.

Each KUM® cosmetic sharpener in the series 6000 can be equipped with two blades. The primary blade at the top sharpens the pencil to a fine point, while the secondary blade delicately shapes the round tip, ensuring a flawless finish every time.

High-precision positioning of the pencil within the sharpener body allows effective shaping of all types of cosmetics compounds, including the very most delicate creamy formulas used in the best make-up pencils made today.

This innovative system is the result of KUM®’s tireless commitment to research and development, as well as their precision manufacturing capabilities. Every detail has been meticulously considered to provide the most precise and effortless sharpening experience possible.

So whether you’re a professional makeup artist or you are looking for the best possible cosmetic sharpener for your brand. The KUM® Double-Blade System® offers the ultimate in precision and quality. Experience the difference for yourself and discover why KUM® is a leader in cosmetic pencil sharpening technology.