Sattler Tri Grip


The right writing position from the very beginning

The Sattler Grip is an innovation which gently guides the fingers into the ergonomically correct writing position.

This product was developed by Dr. Johanna Barbara Sattler together with KUM® to provide an ideal writing aid for left- and right-handed persons.

Ergonomically correct and elegant!

The tripod grip generally develops around a child’s 3rd or 4th year. To teach a child to develop a tripod grip of their pencil/pen is essential for helping them develop their writing skills.

KUM and Dr. Barbara Sattler have already developed ergonomic and helpful products in the past. After a long development phase we are now proud to say that the KUM Sattler Tri-Grip is available. The Tri-Grip facilitates the ideal tripod-grip. Whithout restraining the fingers too much and taking into consideration individual gripping preferences.

The user’s fingers are intuitively guided into the correct writing position indicated by the depressions for index finger and thumb as well as the easily recognizable knobby surface for middle finger. The slightly slanted front side of the Tri-Grip lets the user better see what they have written and does not impair visibility of the pencil/pen point. The non-slip surface ensures a secure hold. The pencil symbol on top of the Tri-Grip shows the correct position for putting it on the pencil/pen.