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With our KUM streetwear collection, you have the perfect outfit for every occasion.
Whether you’re meeting up with other artists, relaxing or spending long evenings in your creative space. Our hoodies are also perfect for a “campfire session”!

Created in collaboration with artists

The designs are our own creations and come from collaborations with artists.

Sleep peacefully – everything is sustainably produced

The materials used for our shirts and hoodies are organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Élodie Mounier 


La Roche sur Yon, France 

When and why did you start painting?

I started painting 3 years ago because I felt a great need to put creativity in my life. I discovered beautiful watercolors by various artists on Pinterest which made me want to get started. To push myself to paint regularly, I opened an Instagram account right away. 

What inspires you?

Nature inspires me the most. I can’t stop myself from taking pictures of flowers or landscapes during my walks or travels.  

What is your favorite painting technique?

I don’t know. I love to learn so all the techniques seem interesting to me. But I am rather meticulous and I like to paint regular shapes. 

What are your experiences with social media?

I follow many artists on Instagram which allowed me to learn, progress and made me want to open my account where I exchange a lot. 

I also watch some Youtube videos and I plan to create my channel soon. I also sometimes look for inspiration on Pinterest where you can find very pretty pictures. 

Your favorite KUM brush?

I am in love with the memory point number 2. I also love the faded number 2.  

Imagine you are Aladdin and you have three wishes:

  • Peace, joy and health for everybody in the world.  
  • That spirituality, honesty takes precedence over money 
  • A last wish a little more selfish: to be able to live from my art while being free of my time and my place of work.