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KUM X Juro

What better way could we get our message “Passion for Creativity” across for kids than with this new series!

Pencil Sharpener

In our extensive range we have the right sharpener for every pencil

Drawing Instruments

Precision scale, ink edge, Softie Flex are just a few of the outstanding features that characterize our drawing instruments.


Our erasers ensure clear corrections without any smudge. Free from phthalates and plasticizers!

Writing Aids

In cooperation with Dr. Barbara Sattler, we have developed the perfect writings aids for all common pen formats.

KUM – Welcome to one of the oldest existing manufacturer of pencil sharpener . Since 1919 it has been our goal and our competence to produce the best pencil sharpeners in the world. Our products are available in over 80 countries worldwide.


KUM Rainbow

KUM Waldmeister

KUM Unicorn

Back To School Set

KUM Cub3 Black

Pencils, thick crayons, even thin pencil leads- problem at all!

It reliably brings a wide variety of pencils with 8, 11 and 3.2 mm diameter into the perfect shape over and over again. The modern, minimalisitc design and the use of hiqh-quality materials make the KUM CUB3 an eye-catching highilght on every desk.

The first class KUM quality guarentees highest precision when sharpening and long time for use.