The perfect tool for your cosmetic pencil

“the most hygienic way to put on make-up is to use one of our cosmetic pencil sharpeners. Why ? …with a few gentle turns you receive a totally fresh and clean surface on your make-up pencil !”

highly individual

For over 100 years, sharpener have been one of our core competences. To this day, our products are Made in Germany and Ireland. Thereby we can guarantee the highest precision and quality your pencil requires. Due to our long experience, we have a particularly broad product range you can choose from. Furthermore, we can make adjustments for the perfect sharpening result for your high quality pencil.


Dynamic Torsion Action

All of our sharpeners are equipped with a KUM® Dynamic Torsion Action® blade. Under constant tension the blade adjusts dynamically to the different forces bearing on the pencil while sharpening. These forces arise from the various materials in the pencil casing and the lead as today’s pencils can be made from a very wide variety of woods, plastics and cosmetics formulas. The dynamic action of the KUM® blade is due in part to its shape, a slight positive curve. If a straight blade were to be mounted onto the sharpener body, it would bend to a slight negative curve under the sharpening forces. This would not allow a satisfying cut.

Individualize your sharpener

Depending on the formula and the purpose of your cosmetic pencil, there are different demands on the sharpener. Most make-up pencils contain a very soft cosmetics formula, which is best applied with a shorter, rounded pencil tip, to delicate areas of facial skin. However, some pencils, such as brow  pencils, have very hard leads that need to be sharpened to a sharp, pointed tip, for a precise application. To achieve the best sharpening result we help you finding the matching sharpener for you pencil.

6000 Serie

The KUM® Double Blade System® consists of two separate steel blades. The larger one sharpens your pencil meanwhile the smaller one cuts the tip. Thereby the pencil is transformed to a nicely rounded shape.

9000 Serie

With the KUM® Tipfor®mer System, you may choose the pencil tip shape and length you like best. You can go for a round or a pointed cut or even both in the same sharpener.

The perfect diameter

No matter how thin or thick your pencil is we have the sharpener with the ideal diameter. You can choose from a wide range of diameters from 6 to 13,5mm. In case you offer several pencils with different diameters or you are planing to extend your product range, you can also pick a two hole sharpener and your customers will have one sharpener for every pencil.


All of our sharpeners are equipped with an integrated cleaning stick. It is the only instrument you should clean your sharpener with. The use of any metal object can damage the fine cutting edge. Owing to the cleaning stick the blade is particularly long lasting and sharpens your pencil perfectly even after many uses.

In addition, you can equip your sharpener with a waste container. Thereby the splints are stored safely and do not contaminate your work space or bag.


According to your desires we can produce your sharpener from different raw materials. Every material has its own special characteristics. We can offer you a huge range of colors in our standard material. Whether soft pastel, bright color or pure white. If you are looking for a antibacterial material our AntiBac series is your perfect choice.


Dwindling supplies of fossil fuels and polluted oceans give us food for thought. We also want to contribute to the protection of our earth. That is why we have developed ecologically friendly series. If you also want to contribute to environmental protection, you can choose from one of our sustainable ranges PCR and Biofibre. This not only protects our raw materials, but also reduces waste. So that our earth remains a clean place.

Color and decoration

We can create your sharpener in the most beautiful colors. Whether a rich black, soft pastel or bright tone, the possibilities are endless. Or have you ever thought of a metal or silk finishing?

To complete the look we can individualize your sharpener with your logo and design. No matter which color, monochrome or polychrome, a mat or shiny finishing, we can realize your vision. Just let us know your thoughts and we will find the perfect realization.


All sharpeners are packed in transparent boxes to ensure an easy and safe transport. Depending on your own desires and individual demands we can also find other packaging options that suite you best.