Floral Classics Brush Set KUM x handgemalt


digital guide included


Hardness Grade:
Soft, Medium


KUM X handgemalt


The brush set Anastasia @handgemalt has put together combines three high-quality watercolour brushes that harmonise wonderfully together to paint floral illustrations in a wide variety of colours and shapes.

She prefers to combine fineliners with watercolours to create beautiful, vivid flowers with lots of details, thin lines and various effects. In the included guide, she explains in detail how she proceeds step by step and what advantages each brush in the set has. In over 20 pages you will find all the necessary information about the brush set, two floral tutorials and a tutorial for a beautiful watercolour background.

The Set includes: 

KUM French Aqua size 10

KUM Memory Point Round size 4

KUM Memory Point Liner size 0


Brush set composition

Memory Point Round 4

The KUM Memory Point paintbrush in size 4 is a jack-of-all-trades. Due to its perfectly shaped brush tip, it’s possible to draw thin & thick lines, depending on the pressure you’re applying.

The synthetic hair, that is used in this brush is extremely elastic & has a high water storage capacity, which allows you to paint longer with one brushstroke.

Memory Point Liner 0

The KUM Memory Point Liner in size 0 completes this floral set perfectly. Due to its shape, it is well suited for painting very fine details & hatchings.

Due to the very long fibres, this brush also has an increased water capacity, which means that you can work for longer without setting down. Especially for floral motifs, this brush can be used to add fine leaf veins and details to the leaves.

KUM French Aqua 6

The KUM French Aqua wash brush in size 6 has an extremely high water storage capacity and is perfect for large-scale painting.

In contrast to the KUM Memory Point, the brush fibres are not elastic but softer, which automatically gives you a little less control, but makes it all more suitable for loose brush strokes, backgrounds & colour gradients.

Anastasia Sälinger “handgemalt”

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