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The materials used for our shirts and hoodies are organic cotton and recycled polyester.

KUM Wood Line Acrylic Set



Set of 3 Wood Line brushes:
– Round brush, size 4
– Round brush, size 12
– Flat brush, size 12

Fibre grade

Acrylic, (Oil)

KUM Wood Line Acrylic Set


Our set for acrylic painting offers you a versatile basic set with three high-quality Wood Line brushes. The harmonious combination of these brushes is a good basis for a variety of painting techniques.

The flat brush in size 12 enables an easy application of backgrounds and the painting of large areas. Its wide and flat shape allows colours to be spread evenly and smoothly. Due to the sharp edge, corners can also be painted very well.

The round brush in size 12 is ideal for larger areas. With its fine tip, you can not only fill in areas evenly, but also work out fine details precisely.

The set also includes the round brush in size 4, which is suitable for particularly detailed and precise strokes. Fine accents and details add depth to the artwork.

The KUM Wood Line brush was developed for the special requirements of acrylic painting. The extra-long handle provides a very pleasant painting experience at the easel and the artist can paint the picture from a greater distance. This gives him a better view of his artwork and opens up further ideas for perspective and image design.

Our innovative brush fibers, hand-crafted in a special process, allow the artist to use the same brush to paint both the finest contours and large areas and smooth transitions. Even the smallest details can be realized precisely. Even after several cleanings, the outstanding properties of the synthetic fibers used guarantee a perfectly shaped brush tip.

At a glance

  • fibre grade: medium-soft
  • suitable for: acrylic, (oil)
  • resistant brush fibres
  • easy to clean
  • high paint absorption capacity
  • three brush shapes
  • long brush handle
  • handmade in Germany