Back To School Set

The back-to-school set includes:


  • ClickSnap container sharpener for 8 mm and 11 mm pencils
  • Correc Stick eraser
  • KUM Tiptop
  • PopCut scissors
  • Sattler Tri Grip – 4 pieces
  • Geometry triangle for the folder
  • Ruler 30 cm for the folder
  • Ruler 15 cm


The KUM Tip Top is the perfect companion for on-the-go and small pencil cases. Why? Simply because it is a pencil, eraser and sharpener in one.

With the clip-on eraser, mistakes can be quickly corrected without smearing or damaging the page. It also serves as a cap and prevents the pencil from breaking.

Thanks to the sharpener, your pencil is always sharp and to keep the bag clean, there is of course an integrated closure. This keeps the shavings where they belong, namely in the container. It also extends the pencil and can be used as a protective cap.

The right writing position from the very beginning

The Sattler Grip is an innovation which gently guides the fingers into the ergonomically correct writing position.

This product was developed by Dr. Johanna Barbara Sattler together with KUM® to provide an ideal writing aid for left- and right-handed persons.