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KUM Aquarellpinsel

KUM Memory Point

All-round brushes for watercolour, gouache and acrylics

Hardness grade medium

Perfect synthetic imitation of Kolinsky hair

KUM Faded

Outstanding watercolour brush for the highest expectations

Hardness grade medium-soft

perfect for modern watercolour

KUM French Aqua

Synthetic wash brush

Hardness grade soft

Surpasses traditional wash brushes made of natural hair in many characteristics


An extraordinary watercolour brush!

KUM Meisterwerk

Handgefertiger Langkonusspitzer

Deutsche Handwerkskunst für höchste Präzision

mit goldener Lackierung exklusiv in unserem Onlineshop erhältlich

Made in Germany

Highest quality and precision since 1919, that’s KUM!

available in more
than 80 countries