KUM Unicorn

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KUM Unicorn

Our ergonomic and handy unicorn product series (it‘s adorable, too!) will help your children draw more easily, do their homework and let them be prepared for more magical adventures.

An unexpected Gift

Once upon a time, there was a little unicorn named Bella. She lived in a beautiful forest full of magic and adventure. Bella loved running through the meadows and playing with her friends, the other unicorns. Every day, they would meet at the big tree near the river, and together they would play hide-and-seek and explore the forest.

One day, Bella noticed that one of her best friends, the unicorn Flicka, didn’t come to play anymore. She asked the other unicorns, but nobody knew where Flicka was. Bella grew worried and decided to embark on a search for her friend.

She wandered through the forest, looking for tracks. Eventually, she discovered a large clearing where Flicka was playing with other unicorns from a different forest. Bella was glad to see that Flicka was safe, but she also felt a pang in her heart as she saw Flicka playing with a new group of friends.

Bella decided not to disturb Flicka but gave her a loop of wildflowers as a gift before returning to her own forest. When Bella arrived home, her friends were happy to see her and asked what had happened. Bella told them about her search for Flicka and how she had found friends in a different forest.

The other unicorns listened and said that they still considered Bella their friend, even though Flicka now played elsewhere. Bella was happy to know that she still had friends and decided to let go of Flicka and continue playing with her friends.

And so, they all played together and had a lot of fun in the forest. Bella realized that it was important to cherish friendships and be grateful for the friends one has. Even if friends sometimes move on in different ways, the memories of the time spent together can remain in our hearts forever. The end.