KUM Waldmeister


  • high quality 2-hole pencil sharpener
  • equipped with a high carbon steel blade and Dynamic Torsion Action
  • body and lid made of beech wood

KUM Waldmeister

The German Word ‘Waldmeister’ has several meanings. To many people it is a plant that grows in the deep forests. For us the word Wald (=Forest) and Meister (=Master) means the perfect marriage of natural beauty and craftsmanship as well as elegance and sustainability.

The high quality 2-hole pencil sharpener, like all KUM Sharpeners, is equipped with a high carbon steel blade and our Dynamic Torsion Action System and the body, like the lid, is made out of beech wood coming from forests that underlie strict reforestation programs.

The elegant matte glass container with suede surface combined with the beech wood lid makes this one of the most elegant sharpeners produced today.