KUM Drawing instruments

Uncompromising precision – measuring is all about accuracy, right from the start. For decades, we have been experts in the production of high-quality drawing instruments.

Temperature-normalised hot stamps and precision moulds guarantee exact scaling for precise measurements.

Our raw materials used are of course free of phthalates and other dangerous plasticisers.

Geometry lessons and other works require the highest precision. That is why you should only use instruments with the best quality possible. Temperature normed embossings, high-quality materials and precision molds guarantee the millimeter accuracy.

KUM Softie Flex


The innovative manufacturing process and high-quality materials give our Softie Flex series an extreme flexibility and bendability.

Unbreakable and durable

Broken corners and shattered rulers will belong to the past.

KUM quality

In spite of extreme flexibility our Softie Flex drawing instruments are free of harmful phtalates.

Geometry triangles