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KUM X paperieur


For urban watercolour illustrations, such as little cottages, Isabella has put together the perfect brush set of four high-quality KUM Faded brushes.

In addition, the set includes four digital urban templates by Isabella for downloading. These can be easily transferred onto the watercolour paper.

Just download the templates and get started right away!

The set includes:

KUM Faded French Round – size 8
KUM Faded Round – size 6
KUM Faded Flat – size 4
KUM Faded Liner – size 2

KUM Faded – 100% Handcrafted to Perfection in Germany to offer artists a tool that is second to none.

Made with a blend of two different high-tech synthetic fibres!

The softer of the two fibres consists of an ideal blend of different fibre diameters . This guarantees the extremely high water and colour absorption capacity + an even pay-off of medium. The stiffer fibres undergo a special tempering process to provide the necessary stability and as a consequence offer more elasticity and control while working with the brush.

Brush Set Composition

The perfect brush for urban motifs is the round brush. With its perfectly shaped brush tip the size 6 brush allows you to paint large and small areas as well as thin lines and details. An absolute all-rounder!

The liner stores more water and paint than you would expect at first glance. It is the best brush for long, fine lines and details.

The flat brush is also a great choice for urban watercolour. Size 4 is very suitable for working out angular shapes, such as windows, with a few brush strokes and for adding details and patterns to the illustration, such as bricks or fence posts.

The wash brush Faded French Round is an excellent brush for backgrounds. Because it can store a lot of water and colour, it is wonderful for abstract and loose painting.

Isabella Stollwerk


No idea what you would like to paint first with the set?

Four urban templates can be downloaded and printed out via a QR code in the set. These can then be easily transferred to the watercolour paper.

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