Anastasia Sälinger – @handgemalt

New brand ambassador in the spotlight

Anastasia Sälinger makes an appearance as a new brand ambassador for KUM!

It is with a good amount of pride and excitement that we are able to introduce our latest collaboration today – the talented Anastasia Sälinger, better known as @handgemalt on Instagram, is now officially part of the KUM family! The previous connection between Anastasia and KUM was already apparent in the form of a shared brush set, but after an inspiring encounter at our #kumtogether event, it quickly became clear that there is a lot more potential here. So we didn’t waste any time and immediately set about transforming this cooperation into a very special partnership.

A glimpse into Anastasia’s world

Behind the scenes: Who is Anastasia Sälinger?

Anastasia, born in 1991, was seized by her passion for drawing and painting at a young age. Over the years, she experimented with different media and techniques to expand her creative expression. Despite a creative break during her pharmacy studies, she found her way back to her true passion in 2019 – watercolour painting in combination with fineliners. This interplay of both materials allows her to tell visual stories that captivate viewers.

The floral beauty of @handgemalt

A special passion: Anastasia’s love for flowers

In the dazzling world of watercolour art, Anastasia is particularly fascinated by the diversity of flowers. From delicate buds to bright blossoms in all shades of colour, she captures the beauty of nature with precision and a touch of magic. Her illustrations convey lightness, freshness and the impulse to try it out for yourself.

Focus on inspiration and creativity

Influence and incentive: Anastasia’s creative approach

Anastasia has not only built up an impressive following with her relaxed and uncomplicated style, but is also committed to inspire others. She encourages her community to express their own creativity and to try new things. Every illustration she shares is an invitation to unleash the imagination and let the inner artist run free.

The synergy between KUM and @handgemalt

Strong together: the perfect symbiosis

The partnership between KUM and Anastasia unfolds as a harmonious symbiosis of two creative forces. At KUM, we are inspired by Anastasia’s talent and artistic vision. The precision of her artworks, combined with our passion for high quality art materials, promises an exciting collaboration that will inspire our customers and followers alike.

An exciting glimpse into the future

Looking forward to upcoming projects

The journey has just begun and we couldn’t be more excited to take you on the journey through this creative partnership with Anastasia. Together we will explore new creative horizons, share techniques and create a world of inspiration that goes far beyond the canvases.

We invite you to follow @handgemalt on Instagram so you don’t miss a moment of this exciting journey. Let Anastasia’s talent enchant and inspire you.

Don’t miss what’s coming – be there when @handgemalt and KUM together enrich the creative scene!


Review kumtogether 2023

A day full of creativity, community and inspiration

Our first event – the “kumtogether” on the 8th of July in Nuremberg – was an unforgettable feast! The anticipation and excitement that accompanied us during the preparations was to turn into a true creative frenzy over the course of the day. From choosing the perfect location to setting the perfect date, it was an event that was planned with care and dedication. This day was to be a special moment of coming together and we were full of expectations.

The mission of our “kumtogether”

The origin of our idea was simple: we wanted to relive the magic we had experienced during Creativworld. But even more important was our goal of forging closer ties between our community and us. We’ll let others judge with pleasure whether we succeeded. But we could clearly feel a wave of creative energy hovering over all of us like an invisible energy field. It was this special vibe that accompanied us that day and connected us in a way that is hard to put into words. Unfortunately, the day passed far too quickly and we found ourselves in the evening with a feeling of fulfilment, but also of melancholy.


The immense support we received from Julian, Sue, Anastasia, Anja, Andrea, Isabella and Lotta during the event touched and encouraged us deeply. You were an essential part of this unforgettable experience.


In the following days, we were often asked if we would plan this wonderful get-together again. Our answer is clear and unequivocal: Yes! For us, there is no question that there will be another kumtogether in 2024. Maybe not bigger, but certainly with fresh ideas and new concepts to make this special day a creative highlight once again. We can’t wait to dive into the world of creativity again together with our community and be inspired by the lively energy that connects us all.