In our assortment we offer many products for left-handers.
Sharpeners, rulers, scissors and much more.

Sharpening with the left hand

The left-handed child should be equipped with a special left-handed sharpener right from the start. The sharpener is held with the right hand and the blades face downwards as far as possible. The right hand should be held still and not move with the pencil, the left hand should turn the pencil away from the body. In this turning movement “outwards” the child can generate more strength than the other way round. Left-handed children who do not have a left-handed sharpener and hold the pencil in their left hand have to make the movement inwards. This requires more effort and is uneconomical. Especially in the beginning, children break their pencils more easily because this movement is not as fluent in the small hand, which is still untrained anyway, or they sharpen their pencils little and unwillingly.

Adapting to the right-handed sharpener is a poor solution. These children hold the sharpener and pencil like a right-handed child, but turn the sharpener inwards in their left hand. This puts the left-handed child at a disadvantage again and sometimes even gives the impression that he or she is more clumsy than his or her right-handed playmates.

Dr. Johanna Barbara Sattler: Linkshändige Kinder im Kindergartenalter, 3. Aufl., AAP Lehrerfachverlage GmbH, Augsburg.

Products for a good, ergonomic writing posture

KUM Sattler Grip & Tri Grip

Whether for pencils, coloured pencils, ballpoint pens or even brushes: the Sattler Grip and Sattler Tri Grip writing aids fit all common pen formats.

Writing beginners learn the correct pen posture right from the start. For frequent writers, whether at school, university or work, the writing aid is a relieving writing support.

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  • Ergonomically ideal for left- and right-handers of all ages.
  • Comfortable grip material is guaranteed free of toxic substances and avoids allergic exposure. No slipping despite pleasantly smooth surface.
  • On top of the writing aids is an indicated pencil and shows the right direction how to put it on the pencil.

KUM Deskpad Lefty

Advantages of the desk pad:

  • learns a comfortable body and hand posture
  • avoids smudging the ink
  • the left hand does not cover the written text and the child can see what he or she is writing
  • avoids evasive postures, such as the hook hand

From when on can the desk pad be used?

  • as early as possible, because even before primary school many children have practised a hand position through their first attempts at writing or drawing
  • it also serves as an excellent aid for retrained left-handed adults
  • the drawing on the Desk-Pad visually supports the transition

Drawing instruments for left-handers

Rulers for left-handers differ in a scale that is reversed. The lines are drawn from right to left.

This eliminates the possibility of a hidden scale.

Scissors for left-handers

Scissors for left-handers are built exactly mirror-inverted to right-handed scissors. If you cut with the wrong pair of scissors, you cannot see the cutting line because it is hidden by the upper cutting blade. As a result, it is difficult to make accurate cuts and the hands become cramped. That is why it is particularly important for left-handers to use suitable scissors.