We at KUM have made it our business to combine sustainability with our highest quality standards. To achieve this, we have developed different product lines that are made out of alternatives to conventional plastic.

Why sustainability is so important to our company!

Sustainability is a principle according to which the consumed amount should not exceed what is able to be grown back, generated, or made available again in the future.

-> à Environmental protection and careful use of resources.

As people, we can only progress when our environment is complete.

This is why we need to be conscious that our actions of today establish a protected environment for tomorrow.

Practicing sustainability ensures that future generations are not worse off and that they can meet their needs on this Earth, just as our generation does today.

The world’s oceans have degenerated into a garbage dump, with large areas full of plastic waste. According to the German Federal Environment Agency (FEA), up to 140 million tons of waste float in the world’s oceans.

The substitution of plastics by biodegradable materials such as Biofibre® granule can contribute in the long term to reducing the mountain of plastic waste on land and in water and to making our environment more livable again.

These products are 97% made out of the bio-based plastic Biofibre® Silva. Only renewable raw materials are used (no fossil raw materials). As a result, these products have a much lower carbon footprint then products made out of conventional plastics. This material is DIN CERTO certified.


PCR materials are recycled plastics that are obtained from household or commercial waste, the majority of which consists of packaging materials.


PCR is environmentally friendly for several reasons:

  • It saves natural resources, which means that there are less CO2 emissions during oil production.
  • A new product is being created instead of an old product being dumped on a landfill, dropped in the ocean, or disposed of in a waste incinerator, thus generating more CO2 emissions.
  • Plastic that is discarded in nature (e.g. in the ocean), breaks down into micro-plastic, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, and ends up in our food chain. Recycling is a way to avoid this.

KUM Wood

The sustainable KUM Wood product line consists of products made out of recycled cardboard and beech wood. The use of recycled cardboard reduces the dependence on new raw materials and minimises the environmental impact of paper and cardboard waste. The wooden sharpeners and ruler are made out of beech wood, which comes from forests that are subject to strict reforestation programmes and are managed sustainably. The products are not only high quality, but also a sign of commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.