Botanical Brush Set KUM x Schlemmer Art



Hardness Grade:
Soft, Medium


KUM X Schlemmer Art

Together with Andrea Schlemmer “schlemmer art” we developed this set with a perfect composition of brushes for creating various botanical illustrations such as leaves, plants, flowers, fruits and much more.

The Set includes:

KUM French Aqua size 10

KUM Memory Point Round size 9

KUM Memory Point Slanted size 10

KUM Memory Point Rigger size 3

Botanical Watercolor

The botanical world is incredibly diverse and on watercolor paper, the finite blossom can be beautifully captured.

By combining three different Memory Point brushes and a French Aqua washing brush, the possibilities for painting botanical motifs in a variety of techniques are countless.

Harmony of the four brushes

The French Aqua wash brush (size 10) is very soft, elastic and has an extremely high water and color absorption capacity due to the special mixture of synthetic fibers with different diameters. The brush is perfect for painting botanical elements very loose and with soft color transitions.

The Memory Point brushes harmonize perfectly with the French Aqua. The round brush is an absolute all-rounder. With its perfectly shaped brush tip, even the smallest details can be painted very precisely, in addition to larger areas.

The large water and paint absorption capacity is the advantage of the rigger. It can be used to paint long lines, such as flower and plant stems, in one stroke. This keeps the focus on the motif and there is no need to constantly pick up new water and paint.

Botanical motifs live on plant and flower petals, which can be painted with the Memory Point in the flat-slanted shape through various techniques.

“No matter which brush I‘ve used from KUM so far, every single one has
convinced me.“

Andrea Schlemmer, Schlemmer.Art

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