KUM French Aqua

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Fibre Grade


KUM French Aqua | Synthetic wash brush


With our KUM French Aqua, we offer artists an outstanding synthetic wash brush for watercolor painting.

This brush is made by using a blend of fibres with varying diameters in a perfect mix, which translates to an extremely high storage capacity

The KUM French Aqua is perfectly suited for:

  • large scaling work
  • priming
  • smooth colour transitions
  • washing

The brush is made of very thin, high-quality synthetic fibers. These are in no way inferior to the properties of traditional wash brushes made of squirell hair, they surpass them in many ways.  

Sizes & Measures


Größe 4 6 8 10 12
∅ mm 4 6 8 10 12



Wash brush for many motifs and techniques

The KUM French Aqua is ideal for many areas of watercolor painting.

For example:

  • Loose Watercolour
  • Urban Watercolour
Various motifs such as landscapes, trees, leaves, flowers and many other floral and botanical elements can also be realized with our French Aqua.


Super Soft!

The high-quality synthetic fibers glide smoothly over the paper.

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