Watercolor Brush Set Blots KUM x Frau Hölle



Hardness Grade:

Aquarell, Gouache

KUM X Frau Hölle


We love blots and have a weakness for beautiful brushes!
That’s why we have developed 4 blot brushes together with the letter and watercolour artist Frau Hölle.

Each brush is individually speckled with black blots and is therefore a real unique piece! The brushes are made of special high-tech synthetic fibres and have a perfectly rounded brush tip, which makes it possible (with any brush size) to paint the smallest details and to work very precisely.

The set includes:

KUM Memory Point blots round – size 00
– KUM Memory Point blots round – size 2
– KUM Memory Point blots round – size 6
– KUM Memory Point blots round – size 8

Loose Watercolor and Brushlettering

The blot brushes are ideal for loose Watercolor, as the synthetic fibres of the KUM Memory Point brushes allow colours to be applied transparently and evenly, creating a diverse palette of colour tones. They enable a spontaneous, flowing painting experience and can be used to create beautiful colour gradients that gently blend into each other, but also to create characteristic patterns that give the painting an expressive effect. In addition, the brushes are particularly suitable for small, fine details that add depth and life to the artwork.

Overall, the brushes can take creativity in painting to a higher level and are a must-have for anyone interested in loose watercolour painting. With these high quality brushes and different techniques, it is possible to create unique artworks that reflect the personality and passion of any artist.

The blot brushes are also ideal for brushlettering. Thanks to the high elasticity of the brush fibres, a wide range of stroke widths can be created, from thin and fine to wide and bold. This makes them ideal for writing beautiful and creative letterings. The variation in pressure applied to the brush tip makes the lettering unique, shows personality and allows an individual style.


“Watercolour painting and Watercolor Brush Lettering with our blot brushes is not only more fun (than with “conventional” single-coloured brushes) but also looks more beautiful (e.g. on flatlays) 🙂
Because creativity also comes from creative tools!”

Tanja Cappell “Frau Hölle”

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