Loose Watercolour Brush Set KUM x loosegemalt



digital guide included


Fibre Grade:
Soft, Medium


KUM x loosegemalt

What is Loose Watercolor?

Loose watercolor is not about painting detailed, realistic and perfect motifs, but rather about painting free forms with a few loose brushstrokes. Here, control can be consciously relinquished; in the end, the watercolors run as they wish anyway. It is a letting go of perfection and reality, towards abstraction and simplified representation.

The set includes: 

KUM Memory Point Round size 4

KUM French Aqua size 4

KUM French Aqua size 8

Brush Set Composition

It is best to have a relatively large brush and a fine tip so that you can paint both thin and thick lines with the same brush. This allows you to work very quickly, which is very advantageous when painting freer shapes.

Our KUM French Aqua is the perfect brush for loose painting. The very thin synthetic brush hair have different diameters and therefore store an extremely large amount of water and paint. Due to its pointed shape and elasticity, the brush is also suitable for small details.

The KUM Memory Point is an absolute all-rounder that is also wonderfully suitable for loose painting.

Digital Guide included

Get started right away! The set includes a digital guide. Lena explains step by step the creation of:

  • Wave
  • Lily wreath
  • Leaf tendril

In your set you will find the code for digital guide.

“Loose is the way I love to paint – relaxed, light and colourful. Floral & botanical elements allow me to let a bit of nature into my own spaces too, and wave painting just makes me dream of the sea.”

Lena “Loosegemalt”
KUM Brand Ambassador

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