Hoodie Passion for Creativity


Sustainable unisex T-shirt out of 100% organic cotton with print on front and back. With round neck and a regular fit.

Content and care

  • 100% organic cotton, fair production
  • Machine wash

Size and Fit

Passion for Creativity

Creativity in general describes the ability to create something new and useful. For us, it is much more than that. We are living from our creativity in all areas so we can develop constantly. Every idea, whether for a new product or for something else, is worth listening to. Our goal is to create a pleasant, familiar and inspiring atmosphere to give our passion a good breeding ground.

Even in art, creativity means much more to us than just painting. It doesn‘t depend on being perfect in the technique, nor on talent – everyone can be creative. In our eyes, creativity and being creative is something you do for yourself, it‘s relaxing, it‘s fun, you dare and try out new things, you courageously implement your own ideas and it‘s something you take the time for in such a fast-paced society.

We have been able to create a place through social media where every member of our fantastic community can be inspired, but also share their own ideas and inspire others.

We have created a creative environment. This affiliation to a group of inspiring and creative people is something we would now like to share with the world outside and we are looking forward to further development. We do have big plans for the future!

Let‘s come together… come together… #kumtogether!

We can all call ourselves creative people. We all love what we are doing and now we can show it in white on black…
Our “passion for creativity“.


aka juro_13

Art has been a very intense gainful companion in my life since I was 13 years old and I wouldn‘t want to miss it. I am influenced by my origins in graffiti. For me, art is not only a universal language and a form of expression of our soul and inner worlds, it is also an invitation to encounter oneself, to create safe places and to discover oneself anew – in one‘s own way.

KUM has given me the opportunity to work with them in many different areas and since then I appreciate the label even more. They have a family dynamic with an incredibly likeable vibe that surrounds and is carried by this KUM crew, with passion. That‘s exactly what it is for me:
Passion for Creativity“.

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