Long point sharpener

Highest quality and precision!

What is a long point sharpener?

The blades here sharpen at a particularly small angle to the pencil. This forms a particularly long and precise pencil tip.

The finest details and lines can be worked out in this way. In addition, the small angle keeps the tip sharp for a longer time and it is not necessary to sharpen the pencil so often.

Pencil Sharpeners of highest quality

– Made in Germany


All sharpeners are equipped with ultra hard (65 hrc) and razor sharp high carbon steel blades. These blades are harder than ball bearings or any high quality knife. This is needed because pencil leads are made of a mixture of graphite and various types of clay, which are extremely hard.

Each blade is razor-sharp. A felt sharpening wheel (similar to leather) is used in the last step of the automatic honing process.


We are the only manufacturer in the world to equip our sharpeners with a curved blade. Due to the curved blade form, the cutting edges are under constant tension and cannot “curl-up” as a result of the ensuing pressure during sharpening.

This in turn prevents rebounding or cracking of the pencil tip. Furthermore, the pressure against the screw-head prevents it from lifting or loosening.



In order to achieve a perfect sharpening result, extreme and very low tolerances are adhered to. Magnesium is the ideal material to produce sharpeners with highest precision.